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Five reasons to plan your wedding in Puglia

Puglia is certainly one of the most beautiful regions of our peninsula. It is about 350 km long, a strip of land that stretches out into the Adriatic sea, a land of exotic beauty. Some glimpses of Gargano or Salento recall ancient lands, of unspoilt beauty, almost mythical.

Puglia is not only a tourist destination, it is also a land of weddings. Every year, lots of couples from all over the world choose it to celebrate their most beautiful day. If you are wondering why you should get married in Puglia, you have come to the right place. Read the rest of this article, and if you need a wedding planner agency to organize your wedding, contact us!


1. The weather

One of the reasons for marrying in Puglia is to be able to count, nine times out of ten, on sunny or mild days. When the most difficult season in Italy is over, the winter, from March to October it is very easy to wake up catapulted in sunny mornings, typical of the summer periods. One more reason to make the guests fall in love with Puglia and its inimitable colors.

2. The landscapes

From North to South, from the cliffs of the Gargano as pizzomunno, passing through the countryside full of olive and almond trees, and cactus typical of the Valle d’itria, up to the beautiful beaches of Salento. Puglia today offers a variety of views to enjoy during the most beautiful day in a couple’s life. Unbeatable landscapes, made magical by the colors of a land always fertile and flourishing and by a crystal clear sea, fascinating even when it is a rough sea.

3. The food

Puglia is famous all over the world for the culinary variety of its products. Fresh products are a fundamental component, indispensable during each reception. Often you have the opportunity to attend the creation of foods such as mozzarella and burratine, freshly prepared and ready to be enjoyed during a lunch or a wedding dinner. Then again, the fish. Crustaceans and molluscs, to be eaten raw or cooked and a lot of variety of fish prepared in totally different ways, traditional and with a pinch of innovation. Finally the fruits of the earth. In summer you can taste rosettes, figs, cherries and strawberries born outside the greenhouses, products always seasonal and of absolute quality.

4. The hospitality of the South

Who had the opportunity to visit Puglia was able to see a great value of the inhabitants of the place; the hospitality. Anyone who approaches this land, after a short time will have a priceless feeling: feeling at home. To know the people who inhabit Puglia means making them friends, without any distinction. The Apulians are famous to the tourists for their ability to entertain relationships, also with some defects of communication in a language other than Italian.

5. The locations

Masserie, beaches, seaside resorts, trulli. Among the reasons to get married in Puglia is also the possibility to have different solutions to define a ceremony in every single detail. Think of the farms, places born hundreds of years ago, abandoned and revived by local entrepreneurs thanks to minimal restyling that have made them among the most desirable destinations to celebrate the wedding. Then again the beaches. From North to South you are only spoilt for choice. You can count on inimitable sand and sea. A simple online search will allow you to opt for the best solution, according to your own tastes and needs.


The 8 things to know about your destination wedding in Italy

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Getting married on the Amalfi Coast: can you think of anything more romantic? Many Italian and foreign couples consider this coastline as the ideal scenery for their big day. Indeed, Amalfi, Ravello, Sorrento, Positano, Minori, are authentic gems, small picturesque towns rich in traditions and famous for their warm hospitality.


What is the best season to get married in Italy?

Getting married in Italy is a choice of love and an adventure to share with the partner and love ones all the way. Generally, celebrate the marriage in a foreign country means a completely peculiar journey, spiritual before that physical. Italy, in particular, is a country where everything is amplified, a land with a deep attachement to history and culture. Let yoursef be carried away in a sweet whirlpool of amazement: this is the best way to start the journey towards the celebration of your marriage.


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Your destination wedding in Italy

What mean “destination wedding Italy”?

The destination wedding is like a trip but more and more, is like a wedding but more and more, is a wonderful marriage but already in honeymoon.

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