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Robert & Victoria

Robert and Victoria wanted to marry in Abruzzo in a location in which was possible to have the civil ceremony and also the reception. They loved nature and their desire was to stay surrounded by nature during their wedding. So we have proposed them a location that is unique in its kind, a monastery, isolated on the wonderful mountains in Abruzzo near L’Aquila. This place is a national monument and has also a museum inside with a lot of kind of finds. Is the “Monastero fortezza del Santo Spirito” in Ocre a little borough near L’Aquila.

In this beautiful place there is the possibility to have the civil ceremony inside a deconsecrated church of 1300 th. But we have decided to arrange the ceremony on the terrace of the monastery with the mountain landscape on the background.

The bride and the groom with their parents has allowed in the monastery from the day before the wedding and they had there the preparation.

The ceremony has been probably the most emotional that i never seen…we have cried from the start to the end! There was a lot of love in every ceremony moments…there were also surprises by the moms….als me i cried a lot 😉

They had already a daughter so was very important for them to stay with her during the marriage!

She was the right of their union!
After the ceremony the spouse gone to take photos in the nature withe their wedding photographer in Italy BG Photo and people enjoy the aperitif.

In this location there is one of the best chef in Abruzzo, Marcello Spadone, the owner of “La Bandiera” a special restaurant with michelin stars!

So the guests have had an excellent reception!

The aperitif was rich of local product but also excellent product from all over Italy, the wine was amazing and people love a lot the show cooking with fried things.

We have arranged the reception inside the church that was enriched with suspended big bouquet of flowers!

The cutting of the wedding cake was under the gazebo in the cloister…a special and funny moments enriched by the superb music of the live band Back to the Swing.

Thanks Robert and Victoria to have chosen us as your wedding planner in Abruzzo!

John & Sharron

This two fantastic english guys chosen Abruzzo as the perfect place for their wedding in italy.

They had a private villa in a little borough in the Teramo province and decided to have there their wedding reception. They wanted an informal wedding, something more similar at a party then a formal dinner. So we have created for them a very special event.

We have arranged and managed the documentation for the civil ceremony. The ceremony has been arranged in the town hall, and the mayor (helped by an interpreter) celebrate the wedding!

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t good… it was very rainy day, so we have organized everything inside and not in the beautiful terrace that we have chosen together. But the ceremony was very emotional and also funny!

after this all the guest have gone to the villa for the reception, a local restaurant had arranged the catering with typical abruzzo and italian cheeses, salami, pasta and also fish and meat. They eaten and drunk a lot!

In the villa we have built a very amazing gazebo with a lot of lights inside…there weren’t place card for guests so everyone can seats where they want! There were wooden tables with a lot of candles and jars with gypsophila above.

A very brilliant live band Back to the swing play live music from the villa’s terrace looking everyone from the top. People dance near the swimming pool and on the grass. This wedding was very interesting, intimate and funny!

We thanks John and Sharon to have chosen us for their wedding in italy.


Jessica & Paul

We have loved a lot this wedding! Jessica and Paul came from Switzerland and decide to marriage in Italy and in particular in Molise, a not very known place in Italy but very beautiful because is surrounded by nature. They relatives were from Molise, for this reason the decided for this place!

We have arranged the religious ceremony in front of a sanctuary surrounded by nature, there wasn’t anything all around….only trees!

The style was country but a little bit different!

We have used a circle as the arch with country flowers, and little jars along the navy. The wedding color was light pink with a little bit of peach pink.

At the end of the ceremony we have gone to the reception in a little restaurant called “Locanda da mammì”. The owner is a very best chef, student of Niko Romito, one of the best chef with michelin stars in Abruzzo!
The restaurant was very ,little so we have arranged a gazebo with romantic lights above.

To play live music there were the “Exentia live band” one of our favorite. the wedding was intimate, only 60 person…and people love a lot their music also singing with them!

To take photos and video there was Luca Bottaro an italian photographer based in Campania that the spouses chosen on the web…he was very funny and professional!

The spouses were enthusiastic about the floral and lights arrangements that given a special atmosphere to all the marriage! a very romantic mood!

thanks to Jessica and Paul to chosen us for their italian wedding planner agency!

Wedding at Sextantio: Alessia & David

Beck and David wedding in an Italian castle

Beck and David destination wedding in an Italian castle at Procedi, near Rome, was simply amazing!

Their history is very emotional. The grandpa of David will go to live in UK after the second world war. He will go in Uk from a little borough in italy. Beck left her parents when she was young, she had grown up with her sister, grandpa and grandma. When she met David she fall in love with him…he became her prince! So they became the prince and the princess 😉

For this reason they decide that their wedding would be romantic and in a castle in Italy like a prince and a princess. So they think to marry in Italy and David propose her to have the marriage in Prossedi, the little borough near Rome in which his grandpa was born! In that borough there were still some brothers of his grandpa, he decide to invite them to his wedding with Beck. In Procedi there is a castle and we manage to get the authorization to have the ceremony there. The mayor was very happy about this wedding. The ceremony has been very emotional, Beck and David have written their own vows and they cried while they reading. The reception was in a traditional restaurant in a mill in the center of the borough, with a beautiful view on the hills. The food was traditional and the wine best. They drunk a lot of beer also 😉 there were a lot of speeches in italian and in english and an amazing atmosphere. The music was perfect, Beck and David has given a playlist to the dj with their favorite songs. They have danced on the terrace during the rest of the party.

At the end we have arranged the cutting of the wedding cake and in that moment there was the surprise…the fireworks! a perfect show to end a perfect wedding party in Italy!

Max & Joyce

When Max and Joyce have called us for their wedding for us was a real pleasure. Now they have 2 beautiful twins!

They ask us to have a wedding in Abruzzo because he had lived in Abruzzo when  he was young.They had an idea of an intimate wedding in Italy, something simple but very emotional I have proposed them for their big day a fantastic and elegant castle in Abruzzo that is unique in our region. Is a castle with a country chic style outside and baronial style inside, has 11 double rooms and also a vineyard inside! Is very similar at some location in Toscana. They was only 10 person, the bride, the groom, the parents, the groom’s sister and the bride’s brother.

We decide together to have a symbolic ceremony in Abruzzo. We project and think the ceremony, they wrote their own vows and i propose them to include a sub-ceremony. They chose the light ceremony.  The director of the castle, a very friendly person, has been the officiant. The bride arrives with her dad with a violin music. The ceremony was in the oldest room of the castle, the barrel room…a very unique place to have the ceremony. After the ceremony they went to take some photos with our photographer BG PHOTO The reception has been arranged under a very ancient pergola. The centerpiece was and anfora with rustically flowers and also jars with candles. The placecard was the rosmarine with a tag with their names. There were suspended hearts and lanterns to decorate the place and also the dj with the music that they had chosen.

The wedding menu was traditional of Abruzzo with a lot of typical product and also very good wine. They speak and laughed all the time…they also cry for joy when there have been the first dances and also the dance with parents. The cake was a splendid red velvet cake decorated with paper flowers handmade. This wedding was intimate but powerful!

Wedding at Castello di Semivicoli: Mikel & Lauren

Mikel and Lauren wedding at Castello di Semivicoli, Abruzzo, was a beautiful day! Mikel contact us one year before their wedding. Lauren has wrote me that they will love to have their Bid Day in Italy

They specify me to prefer a wedding in Abruzzo because Mikel had lived there. This beautiful couple lived in Berlin, she is American Citizen and he is Albanian Citizen. They dreamed a wedding like a party in a place that was characteristic of Italy Style. We proposed them a castle on the Abruzzo hills, its a magical place rustic outside but with a baronial style inside. This location had an history….during the second world war became an hospital for soldiers!  Around the venue there is a very beautiful vineyard…the owners of this castle produce a very good wine not only in this place but also all over Abruzzo!

I remember very well the overlooking day with Mikel, because a few days after my baby was born! We decide together to have a civil ceremony inside the same location on the garden in front of the castle.  The wedding color was light pink very romantic and elegant. The wedding style was country but chic! The ceremony has been very emotional, there were all people important for them. Lauren was very moved….their vows has been fantastic  Some guests were italian, so we have made the ceremony in italian and english  During the ceremony we have included the light ceremony, Mikel and Lauren has fired together a unique candle symbolizing their union. Faieta Fiori has made all the floral arrangements. After the ceremony bride and groom went with our photographer  BG PHOTO to take some pics in the vineyard and later they had return to the castle to make the welcome aperitif After this all guests had come inside in the party hall to make the dinner The table plan has been made by us with jars, candles and placard with the same graphic of the invitations. The centerpiece was a wood with 3 jars with candles inside and also a vintage bottle with a fresh single flower.

For the cutting of the wedding cake and the buffet of fruit and dessert we had decided to have it on the secret garden. A beautiful garden hidden away and accessible only by steps. Here there was a magic and fantastic decoration made by us with lights, candles and so on! We have loved to project and realize this lights arrangements for their wedding in Abruzzo! The wedding cake has been accompanied by a fabulous firework show.

At the end of this the open bar with cocktails, beer and good wine was available for all guests. They have dance a lot and at the end of the party they gave as a present a bottle of wine produced in the same castle in Abruzzo. The guest have loved it.

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